Return Policy


To obtain full core credit the buyer must meet the following criteria:
● Return the same type, model, and part number transmission as the one being replaced with
torque converter
● The core must not have any cracks and never been dis-assembled
● Wrecking yard or junk yard cores not accepted
● The core must be returned in the same plastic case in which the new transmission was
 ● If the plastic case is damaged, a charge will be applied
If you are having difficulty with any product please give us a call on our toll free number 604-689-3000
or e-mail us at:
before performing any transmission work on your vehicle.
Generally common problems can be fixed in no time. Please do not attempt any internal work to your
transmission without prior authorization; else the warranty will be void.

Auto Parts Return Policy

We will accept authorized returns within 15 calendar days of the purchase date.
Authorized returns must be in the complete and original packaging. If your shipment has arrived
with a damaged or incorrect item, please repackage the item(s) in its original shipping container
and we will arrange for its return.
All authorized returns must be in their original condition, include all components, and cannot be
disassembled, mounted or damaged due to incorrect installation. Returns missing components
will not be credited. We are not responsible for installation errors. We are not responsible for
labor expenses, towing expenses, additional repair expenses or rental car expenses caused by the
use of wrong or defective parts during installation. Parts Not Returnable: Special-order
Products, Custom-made Products, and Auto Body Parts cannot be returned for any reason.
Electrical parts are not returnable if plugged in or unsealed for any reason.